How difficult it would be to tell the story of Pianno39 without remembering the time when everything was a dead end. Impossible to write a word of Pianno39 without naming my mother, my cloth of tears at all times, the one who was there when I fell apart and encouraged me to keep going. Without a doubt, there would be no Pianno39 story without naming all the people who have crossed my path, many of whom gave me many sleepless nights, but played an essential role in making me a little stronger.

the dreams of every night when I go to bed and imagine
that one day when I woke up an order would arrive

This would not be possible without dreams, the dreams of every night when I went to bed and imagine that one day when I woke up an order would arrive and I would be the happiest person in the world as I was that night and of course, I ran to share that happiness with my mother.

Someone told me once that in this life he came to thank women for all the experiences he had had in other lives and what better way than with a women's company selling shoes, clothes, bags...

In short, distributing hope to all women in the world. I don't know if what that person told me was right, but I love to think that it is so and it drives me every day to move forward with renewed enthusiasm.

Surely we will not be the web with the most beautiful dresses or the most spectacular shoes, but I assure you that the team of women behind each order, puts the greatest illusion, magic and energy in its preparation so that you feel like women. happiest in the world.

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