coffee makers

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  • TitanMill 200 Cecotec coffee grinder TitanMill 200 Cecotec coffee grinder

    DTO 15% Cupón: NAVIDAD15
    titanmill 200 cecotec coffee grinder


    Electric coffee and spice grinder with titanium-coated blades and 200 W of power. TitanMill 200 from Cecotec. Compact grinder for coffee, spices and other foods. Titanium-coated blades that improve hardness and allow long-lasting sharpness. Efficient, fine and fast grinding thanks to its 200 W of power. It can grind the entire container of coffee in 30...

    16,90 €
  • Cafetera Power espresso 20 Cafetera Power espresso 20

    DTO 15% Cupón: NAVIDAD15
    cafetera power espresso 20


    Espresso coffee maker for espresso and cappuccino. Prepare all kinds of coffee at the touch of a button. 20 bar pressure pump and 850 W of power. Get the best cream and the maximum aroma. It includes an adjustable Inc with protection for its use: frothing milk, dispensing hot water for infusions or heating liquids. Arm with double outlet and two...

    77,90 €